Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat Review

Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat Review
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Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Comfortable padding
  • Good rail adjustment
  • Strong airflow

What We Don't Like

  • Narrow saddle
  • Bottoms out quickly
  • Heavier than competitors

Riding comfortably is one of the most important aspects of being a cyclist. You might not realize when you start, but riding on an ill-fitted or low-quality seat can do damage and cause strain on your body. The good thing is that there is a wide variety of high-quality mountain bike seats on the market, and not all of them are going to cost you an arm and a leg. One of which is the Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat, so we evaluated it to see if it’s worth investing in or not.

Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat Review

Zhiqiu might not be as well known as some of the other brands that produce mountain saddles, but that doesn’t mean their quality isn’t as good. Apart from bike seats, the company also manufactures bike chains and adjustable stems to help with your mountain biking experience.

It took a bit of investigating on our part to get the information needed to provide a proper review, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to test the seat out. Consumers should always have a place to go where they can do some proper research.

Who Is This Product For?

The Zhiqiu bike seat is a unisex saddle. Both men and women can use it, and it was specifically designed for mountain bikes, though can be used with others as well. Once the seat gets installed, beginners, professionals, and casual cyclists can all enjoy the benefits that the saddle has to offer.

What’s Included?

Unlike purchasing a dissembled bike that comes shipped in a box, there aren’t a ton of pieces that come with the Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat when you buy it. The package includes the seat itself in one of the three colors that you choose and an adapter. You can also find various and brief information on installation of the saddle to the bike and simple brand information.

Overview of Features

The bike seat is manufactured by a Chinese company and is extremely affordable for those who are on a budget. It offers an ergonomic design that ensures your cycling experience is as comfortable as possible. The seat is designed to take on your weight and create a shockproof experience while promising a soft, but firm seat.

The gel inside is Artificial Fatty Gel, which is more realistic and comfortable than the standard Plastic Polymer that’s found in many other mountain saddles. The gel is known to help reduce pressure against the pubic and sciatic area, ensuring comfortability.

The cut out at the center of the bike seat is one of its main features. It allows for proper ventilation which is intensified when wearing the right kind of cycling shorts. The ventilation allows for the passing of air, which assists with keeping you dry and comfortable and also helps to ward off the risk of developing any infections. Infections such as UTI’s and saddle sores are common when riding on saddles that don’t have the ventilation they need for extended periods.

Zhiqiu also ensured that they designed the saddle to be incredibly versatile. The included adapter allows the seat to be mounted on mountain bikes, road bikes, and other bikes that have universal rail systems. There is also a one-year warranty that helps protect you should you invest in the seat. The company has stated that if there are concerns or questions with the product, contact them, and they are there to help.

How to Adjust the Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat?

One way to know that your seat isn’t adjusted correctly to your body’s structure is if you start to feel discomfort and pain. The soft tissue between your sit bones shouldn’t be taking on most of the weight, and this can happen if the saddle isn’t at its proper angle.

Making small adjustments by leaning the seat slightly forward or backward can help with this, but it all depends on the person. The last thing any cyclist wants is a sore backside while they are riding, or chafing along their inner thigh because the saddle is set at the wrong angle.

Since there are so many bike seats out there, determining your seat’s angle might get challenging. Unless you’re incredibly experienced, or interested in spending the money to have your seat professionally customized for you, we suggest getting help. We’ve included a brief YouTube video that helps to explain the leveling of your bike seat’s angle. There are plenty of other videos on YouTube that also help with this subject.


There are three mountain bike saddles that we would suggest when looking into alternatives to the Zhiqiu bike seat, and they all have similar features. The Bikein Mountain Bike Saddle, OuterdoMountain Bike Saddle, and the Pioneeryao Professional Bike Seat are all great variations. They have the same price range, include the same type of gel inside of the seat, and offer a cut out that provides you with proper ventilation.


The Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat is one worth trying out. The seat itself is high quality for the price that you’re paying, and the gel forms quickly to your backside to provide the comfort you need. The most beneficial feature we found was the cut out in the center of the seat.

Also, customer support replied within 24 hours when tested, and the versatility of the saddle lets you use it on an array of bikes. If you’re thinking about giving another bike seat a try but don’t want to invest too much money, try out Zhiqiu.